Scentsy Transition

August Sale Scentsy Transition Sell Scentsy. As most of you know, every six months Scentsy changes catalogs to fit the seasons. August 1st. starts the beginning of the transition to the Scentsy fall/ winter catalog.

Scentsy 10 percent off sale August

Transition month brings a wonderful opportunity to buy many Scentsy warmers, Scentsy candle bars, and other Scentsy products for 10% off! There are a few exclusions to this sale, however, which are the following Scentsy warmers and multi-packs: all licensed warmers (the patriotic Scentsy warmers, college collection warmers, the charity warmers and the Perfect Plug-in System, Perfect Scentsy System, Scentsy Sampler, and Companion Scentsy System multi-packs (any package deals marked with an asterisk*).

A new catalog with more Scentsy products is so very wonderful and exciting!  Unfortunately it is a little saddening at the same time as we do have to prepare to say good-bye to some of the full-size Scentsy warmers, mid-size Scentsy warmers, plug-in Scentsy warmers, and Scentsy candle bars that have become favorites of Scentsy customers from all over. But thank goodness the new catalog will be re-filled with fun new Scentsy warmers and Scentsy candle bars that will get you prepared for the holiday seasons coming up—and who knows what other brand new Scentsy products will be revealed in this new catalog to grab our attention and hearts!

So grab Scentsy warmers and Scentsy candle bars while this great 10 % sale is going on through August 31, and be prepared to have Scentsy “wow!” you again with all the new products available for order starting September 1st !

Shop The Scentsy 10 Percent Off Sale

* Sale excludes all licensed warmers, close-out products, Perfect Plug-Ins,Perfect Scentsy, Scentsy Sampler, Scentsy Companion System, Scentsy Starter Kit and August Scent and Warmer of the Month products.

Scentsy Starter Kits During Transition

From August 1 through August 31, the Consultant Starter Kit will include Spring/Summer 2012 testers and catalogs AND Fall/Winter 2012 testers and catalogs at no additional cost. From September 1st through February 29, the Consultant Starter Kit will include Fall/Winter 2012 testers and catalogs.

 Scentsy Transition Party Tester Set

Scentsy Tester Transition Sets

As we do with every catalog transition, Scentsy will offer Tester Transition Sets containing all the new and returning fragrances featured in the new Fall/Winter 2012 Catalog. Each set will contain 12 new fragrances, 9 returning fragrances, and 5 previous Scent of the Month fragrances. Tester Transition Sets will be available for the entire catalog season.

 Scentsy Mini Tester Transition Set

August “Join Scentsy” Special

During the month of August, when you join Scentsy, you will receive all the Spring/Summer Party Testers and Catalogs, as well as the new Fall/Winter Party Testers and Catalogs! That is  a HUGE VALUE!  Why is that so awesome? That means that you don’t have to wait for the transition to sign up! One of the great things you can do with your Spring/Summer party testers when they are discontinued is give a party tester to your hostess as a thank you gift.

If you don’t give out all your Spring/Summer catalogs before they are discontinued, simple add a label on them that says, “Contact me for an updated Catalog” and leave them around until they are gone.  Make sure your information is on the catalog so people can contact you.

One more reason to join Scentsy, and one more reason to become a Scentsy consultant and sell Scentsy.

Join Scentsy In August Starter Kit

The Scentsy Starter Kit

For just $99,* Scentsy will send you a Starter Kit that includes everything you need to run your Scentsy business — and it all fits conveniently in one shopping bag.

Your Starter Kit will include:†


Scentsy Party Fragrance Testers

  • Spring & Summer (15)

  • Favorites (15)

  • Scentsy Man (10)

  • Romance (10)

  • Spa (10)

  • Corner Café (10)

  • Seven Seas (10)

  • 2012 ScenTrend (1)

Demonstration Products

  • Full-Size Scentsy Warmer (1)

  • Scentsy Buddy (1)

  • Scent Pak (1)

  • Scentsy Bar (1)

  • Layers by Scentsy Products (contents subject to change)

  • Light Bulbs (3

Business Supplies

  • 2012 Spring/Summer Scentsy Catalogs (50)

  • 2012 Spring/Summer Layers by Scentsy Catalogs (25)

  • “Discover Scentsy” DVD (1)

  • “New Consultant Start-Up Guide” (1)

  • Scentsy Planning Calendar (1)

  • Planning Calendar Stickers (1 sheet)

  • Business Cards (100)

  • Invitations (100)

  • Order Forms (100)

  • Host Envelopes (5)

  • Buy Brochures (25)

  • Host Brochures (25)

  • Join Brochures (25)

  • Consultant Folder (1)

  • Welcome Letter

*$99 price does not include tax or shipping
†Contents may vary


Join Scentsy August 2012