Scentsy Compensation Plan. Scentsy Consultant income potential with Scentsy Commission Chart.

How much do Scentsy Consultants make?

There really is no way to determine the average Scentsy commission check, there are a couple reasons why. First, there are all sorts of reasons why people decide to become a Scentsy consultant, here are a few:

  • Join scentsy for fun, because they love the product

  • Join to receive a discount when they purchase Scentsy

  • They already have a full time job, and want to sell Scentsy on the side

  • Join to make a few extra bucks each month to pay off bills

  • Join to sell Scentsy part time

  • Join to sell Scentsy Full time


Obviously, someone who Joins just to receive a discount on personal purchases is going to have a much smaller commission check then someone who sells Scentsy full time to support their entire family. Some consultants work their Scentsy Business a couple hours a week, and some run their Scentsy business full time and support their entire family doing it (like I do).

Second, consultants focus on different aspects of their business more than others. Some consultants focus entirely on selling product, and don’t want to worry about building a team, some only want to focus on building a large successful team and don’t want to sell as much, and then some focus on both equally. However you decide to run your Scentsy business is up to you, there are MANY successful consultants making a living either way, it just comes down to personal preference.

Because of this, there really is no average Scentsy commission check, it just depends on you, how you decide to run your business, and having the right tools to run your business successfully. But, one thing is for sure, you can become very successfull as a Scentsy consultant if your willing to work hard and not give up.

Some consultants make 6 figures selling scentsy, and some make a couple hundred dollars per month to make their car payment. My husband and I sell Scentsy full time and support our family doing it, we’re able to stay at home with our two daughters and live very comfortably. It just comes down to your drive, how you want to run your scentsy business, and how much you want to make.

Becoming a Scentsy Consultant is a wonderful way to build your own professional business, It’s a an exciting job no matter what mood you are in because every time you go to work, it’s a Party! Selling Scentsy is a fun and unique job, Everyone is like family, You never have to worry, We’ll always be there when you have a question or need anything. If you go out with a positive attitude and excited to talk about your business, you will do Great.

We sell wonderful products, Scentsy really does sell itself, you would be surprised at what can happen in your first 70 days. A great way to begin in your business is to do a launch party. A Launch party is the “Grand Opening” of your business! You hold it at your own home, or if that’s not possible, you can consider holding it at a relative’s home or even a friends home, where ever you feel most comfortable.

Your Launch party is a wonderful way to get home parties, as well as new customers, you can show your new customers how wonderful Scentsy Warmers are, along with the wonderful job opportunity we offer. You can act as both consultant and hostess at your launch party, so you will be able to earn all the wonderful free gifts along with your half priced items which is a wonderful way to start off. It’s a great way to build your inventory.