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Three Scentsy Brands and Product Lines.

What an exciting time to be a Scentsy Consultant!  The Scentsy Family is known as a fragrance leader and has certainly made a splash among Direct Sales companies since it started just 7 years ago.  Scentsy Family has expanded it’s horizons yet again in a bold move by creating three new Scentsy Family brands and Scentsy product lines in 2012.  Scentsy has created new brands with completely new products, not related to Scentsy products or the trademark wickless warmers and wax.

Scentsy Multiple Brands, one Downline = Big Opportunity

The new brands and product lines will be under the umbrella of the Scentsy Family and is exciting news for Scentsy consultants, or anyone considering a home based business.  Scentsy Group will allow Scentsy Consultants to benefit from the businesses we have worked to build and the teams we currently have in place.  Sales from the new product lines and any future new Scentsy brands will roll up into our Scentsy commissions, making revenues explode and making it much easier to advance in rank.  There has never been a better time to join and be a Scentsy Consultant!  Or, if candles and fragrance aren’t your thing, come join in and be one of the first Consultants for the new brands from the Scentsy Family!

Can I sell all three Scentsy Group brands?

Yes!  You can sell all brands Scentsy currently has launched, as well as any future new brands and product lines.  You do NOT have to sell Scentsy if you don’t want to.  You can choose to only sell one brand, a few brands, or all brands; it’s up to you.  You CAN recruit for ALL brands, whether or not you choose to sell that particular brand!

Any Scentsy Family Consultant can sell and recruit for ANY of the brands offered by Scenty Family and it will all be part of one downline (team).  Usually in Direct Sales, a company will allow you to sign up and sell only one brand, and if you choose to sell any of their other brands, you have to start all over.  That means each brand would be completely separate downlines, separate sales totals, etc.  Scentsy Family has generously allowed Consultants to join and sell any or all of the brands under the Scentsy Family umbrella, and their whole Consultants under them from all brands make up the same downline and sales totals.  Even if a Scentsy Consultant decides not to sell the new brands and product lines, he/she can still recruit for ALL of the Scentsy Family brands and benefit from those sales.

Velata Fondue Warmers!!

*There are actually THREE new brands coming!

  • The first is Velata, a fun line of fondue warmers and decadent chocolate melts.  The fondue warmers work similarly to our current wax warmers, with a 25-watt bulb in the base to keep the chocolate at just the right temperature. There will be a variety of 14 warmers to choose from and 4 types of chocolate:  milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolate caramel.  Yumm!!!

  • The second new brand is a the big kahuna – Grace Adele, top bag styles and fashion looks! Grace Adele offers everything from a simple clutch purse to beautiful designed jewelry.

Velata, a Scentsy, Inc. Brand

On May 1, 2012 Scentsy launched Velata, a new Scentsy Brand – a fun, easy-to-use, and absolutely DELICIOUS fondue experience.

You already know that warmers + wax = a simple system. With Velata, warmers + CHOCOLATE = a simple, incredible, EDIBLE party experience.  Scentsy executives flew to Belgium and met with the oldest and most prestigious chocolate manufacturers. They selected the highest quality, purest chocolate that would melt perfectly and taste divine. Velata will launch with velvety milk chocolate, creamy white chocolate, decadent dark chocolate, and indulgent caramel milk chocolate. Velata chocolate will come in convenient 6-ounce pouches with pour spouts. Simply microwave, pour into the Velata dish, dip your favorite foods, and enjoy.

There are 14 Velata fondue warmers to choose from that range from contemporary to traditional design. Velata fondue warmers use the same technology as other Scentsy warmers. Simply plug them in and their 25-watt bulbs will keep Velata chocolate at the perfect temperature. Velata fondue warmers will sell for $40 (USD) / $48 (CAD); chocolates will sell for $7 (USD) / $8 (CAD).

The difference between Velata fondue warmers and Scentsy warmers is the silicone dish. It’s a simple dish that has a patent-pending technology to keep the chocolate at exactly the right temperature. A metal plate wrapped in silicone absorbs the heat from the 25-watt bulb. The silicone keeps the heat from escaping, prevents the chocolate from scorching, and can go from the refrigerator to the microwave to the dishwasher with ease. You can’t do that with a fondue tower, or a traditional fondue pot!

Picture a quick, delicious, family-fun night. Or a romantic date night with decadent treats. Or the “grab some chocolate and a warmer” addition to a potluck. Just imagine the possibilities!  Velata is such a simple and easy way to begin a multiple-brand Scentsy business.

What if I sell for another Direct Sales company?

Scentsy just announced that they are NOT restricting Consultants from selling any Scentsy brands, regardless of if they are selling a similar Direct Sales product with a different company.  You will not be able to earn money on your downline Directors and their teams if you are receiving Leadership Bonuses for another Direct Sales company however.

It has NEVER been easier to climb the ranks with Scentsy and start a successful home based business in Direct Sales!  Please call me or contact me for more information, or just join my exciting Scentsy, Inc. team of Consultants today and join in on the adventure of a lifetime with us.

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Why Scentsy is Better

Scentsy Offers One of the Most Generous Compensation Plans in the Industry! When you join Scentsy, you can make Over 30% Commission off Every Sale and up to 9% Royalties off your Entire Downline Volume, that adds up VERY Quickly. When you sign up to Sell Scentsy, not only are you joining one of the Fastest growing Candle Companies out there, or one of the Fastest Growing Teams in Scentsy, we also offer a very helpful Scentsy Team Website that is only available to our team, this site will contain invaluable information to your success with Scentsy and all the right steps to take to make sure you get there.

So when you Join Scentsy on My Team, you get your Scentsy Starter Kitwhich includes Over $200 in Product all for Only $99 which is the Cost Scentsy Charges to Become a Scentsy Consultant and for your starter Kit. If it’s online parties that you choose to rock, you would use your kit to make Scentsy mini’s that you can send out for basket and or online parties. The kit comes with party testers which are the size of the palm of your hand and will make MANY Scentsy mini’s!

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Make Money with Scentsy

How much do Scentsy Consultants make?

There really is no way to determine the average Scentsy commission check, there are a couple reasons why. First, there are all sorts of reasons why people decide to become a Scentsy consultant, here are a few:

They Join scentsy for fun, because they love the product

Join to receive a discount when they purchase Scentsy

They already have a full time job, and want to sell Scentsy on the side

Join to make a few extra bucks each month to pay off bills

Join to sell Scentsy part time

Join to sell Scentsy Full time

Obviously, someone who joins Scentsy just to receive a discount on personal purchases is going to have a much smaller commission check then someone who sells Scentsy full time to support their entire family. Some Scentsy consultants work their Scentsy Business a couple hours a week, and some run their Scentsy business full time and support their entire family doing it (like I do).

Second, Scentsy consultants focus on different aspects of their Scentsy business more than others. Some Scentsy consultants focus entirely on selling product, and don’t want to worry about building a team, some only want to focus on building a large successful team and don’t want to sell as much, and then some focus on both equally. However you decide to run your Scentsy business is up to you, there are MANY successful Scentsy consultants making a living either way, it just comes down to personal preference.

Because of this, there really is no average Scentsy commission check, it just depends on you, how you decide to run your business, and having the right tools to run your business successfully. But, one thing is for sure, you can become very successful as a Scentsy consultant if your willing to work hard and not give up.

Some Scentsy consultants make 6 figures selling Scentsy and some make a couple hundred dollars per month to make their car payment. I sell Scentsy full time and support our family doing it, I am able to stay at home with my two boys and live very comfortably. It just comes down to your drive, how you want to run your
Scentsy business
, and how much you want to make.

Scentsy Compensation Plan

Scentsy Compensation Plan

BecomingScentsy Consultant is a wonderful way to build your own professional business, It’s a an exciting job no matter what mood you are in because every time you go to work, it’s a Party! Selling Scentsy is a fun and unique job, Everyone is like family. You never have to worry, we’ll always be there when you have a question or need anything. If you go out with a positive attitude and excited to talk about your business, you will do Great.

We sell wonderful products, Scentsy really does sell itself! You would be surprised at what can happen in your first 70 days. A great way to begin in your Scentsy business is to do a launch party. A Launch party is the “Grand Opening” of your business! You hold it at your own home, or if that’s not possible, you can hold it ONLINE, where ever you feel most comfortable.

Your Launch party is a wonderful way to get home parties, as well as new Scentsy customers. You can show your new customers how wonderful Scentsy Warmers are, along with the wonderful job opportunity we offer. You can act as both consultant and hostess at your launch party, so you will be able to earn all the wonderful free gifts along with your half priced items which is a wonderful way to start off. It’s a great way to build your inventory.

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Scentsy in Canada

Scentsy recently opened in Canada (Oct. 1st 2009) and has already experienced extreme growth, and has already changed the lives of Scentsy consultants in canada. Scentsy is now available in Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan. Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador to become a Scentsy consultant, and can be sold and shipped anywhere in Canada.

With Scentsy opening in Canada, it is opening a whole new opportunity to everyone, it is making Scentsy products available to Canadians that have waited 5 years to be able to Purchase Scentsy and have it shipped right to them. It is Creating new opportunities to people to Become a Scentsy consultant and start selling Scentsy in Canada, and making this Home based Business opportunity available to anyone that wants to become very successful with their very own Candle business, one that will change your life forever.

If you are interested in this fantastic job opportunity, please feel free to contact me at anytime. I can answer any questions you may have