Scentsy Bird Warmer


Scentsy Owlet Warmer. Peering out with its big blue eyes, this hand-painted little owl rests on a leafy branch against a taupe evening sky.

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Scentsy Birdhouse Warmer

Scentsy August 2013 Birdhouse Warmer Bora Bora Blossom Scent

Fanciful and fun, Birdhouse is sure to coax a smile! A vermilion roofed birdhouse, accented with climbing green vines, houses a cheery bluebird. Raise the roof and you’ll find a warmer dish sheltered inside. Enjoy Birdhouse while adding a sunny, playful touch to your home.

SCENTSY AUGUST 2013 SCENT | Bora Bora Blossom Scent

Get lost in a balmy combination of succulent island fruits and lush orchid, balanced with a kiss of fresh, green violet leaf.

Scentsy August 2013 Birhouse Warmer and Bora Bora Blossom Scent

Scentsy August 2012 Owl Warmer Whoot Neverland Scent

Perfect for the Scentsy, Harry Potter fans!

Scentsy August 2012 Owl Warmer Of The Month, Whoo. Scent Of The Month, Neverland.


Scentsy Owl Warmer August 2012 Whoot

Scentsy August 2012 Warmer Of The Month | Whoot

Whoo whoo! Whoot is a piece of art, a finely detailed
warmer that glows golden when on. Flip the switch and
watch this symbol of wisdom come to life — perfect for
the coming autumn days or as a clever night light.


Scentsy Neverland August 2012 Scent Of The Month


Scentsy August Scent Of The Month | Neverland

Continue your pink pepper journey with
Neverland. Sunny geranium, glowing pink
pepper, and toasty cedar in a deliciously
outdoorsy fragrance.


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