Scentsy Facebook Party 2013

Host a Scentsy catalog or Facebook party in January 2013 and earn TWO TIMES the half-price rewards for retail sales of $150 or more.

Scentsy Hostess January 2013 Double Rewards

Ring in the New Year with Scentsy and double up on rewards! Just host a Scentsy party in January* and earn TWO TIMES the Half-Price Rewards for retail sales of $150 (USD)/$200 (CAD) or more.

View the chart below to see how much you can earn!*

Offer applies to Scentsy parties held 1/1/13 to 1/31/13. This offer does not include Free Product and cannot be used for licensed products, charitable cause warmers, or multi-packs over the dollar amount of $40.

Contact me to:


Host A Scentsy Catalog Party OR Facebook Online Scentsy Party


Basket/ Catalog Scentsy Party

This party is great if you do not want to host a party in your house. I will give you catalogs and order forms as well as some sample testers of all of the available fragrances that you would return to me at the conclusion of the party.

You would then take the basket with you wherever you go-work, family gatherings, social functions, etc… or just keep it at home and tell friends about it when they come by or maybe even announce it on your Facebook page.

Tell your family and friends about Scentsy and collect their orders. Simple!

Scentsy Online Facebook Party

This party is also a great option if  you don’t want to clean your house, find someone to watch your kids, or are short on time. I will set up a special party in your name on the home page of my website.

You can then invite friends verbally, or via e-mail or social networking sites to get onto the website and purchase products from your party. They can view products and place their orders right on the website.  Your online party can remain open for up to two weeks.

Not local to my area?

Not a problem! You can still host a party through me. We will make arrangements for you to receive all of the materials necessary for you to host your party and the products will ship directly to you to distribute to your guests.

Host A Scentsy Party 2013