Scentsy Grandmas Kitchen Bar

Scentsy Bring Back My Bar July 2013 Winners

Bring Back My Scentsy Bar Winners July 2013

Here they are: Your most voted for Bring Back My Bar, Battle of the Bars! These fragrances will be touring for the month of July only…meaning you can only buy them in July!

Scentsy African Mahogany – A crisp fragrance combining precious woods with musk and amber.

Scentsy Awapuhi Seaberry – Fresh Hawaiian white ginger blossom infused with fresh seaberry.

Scentsy Berry Tart – A medley of sweet berries nestled in buttery pastry, topped with caramel.

Scentsy Breathless – Floral bouquet of lilac, jasmine, and musk, kissed by sandalwood.

Scentsy Cedar Sandalwood & Lime – Vibrant fusion of lime, cedar, and sandalwood.

Scentsy Flirtatious – Fruity and vibrant, a combination of green apple, grapefruit, and white amber.

Scentsy French Kiss – Sweet fig tenderly caressed by coconut pulp, exotic cedar and caramel.

Scentsy Grandma’s Kitchen – Nuts, raisins, butter, and spice always make Grandma’s kitchen smell nice.

Scentsy Grapefruit Pomegranate – Fresh, zesty grapefruit blended with sweet pomegranate in this lively, summer fragrance.

Scentsy Green Tea Smoothie – Energizing green tea and fresh ginger with peach, nectarine, and cranberry.

Scentsy Hawaiian Paradise – Buffet of Hawaiian fruits: pineapple, banana, mango, papaya, and coconut.

Scentsy Key Lime Pie – The mouthwatering blend of coconut and lime.

Scentsy Lavender Vanilla – Relaxing mix of hillside lavender, vanilla beans, orange zest, and patchouli.

Scentsy My Wish – A confection of earthy fig, sweet violet, and playful marshmallow will have you wishing for more.

Scentsy Oatmeal Cookie – Savory cinnamon, oatmeal, and warm sugar.

Scentsy Oats & Honey – A buttery mix of toasted oats and tupelo honey, oven-crisped with vanilla and maple.

Scentsy Peligro – Ebony wood, blue cypress, musk, and white pepper subtle, seductive, and dangerous.

Scentsy Plumeria – Hawaiian plumeria and nightscented jasmine mingled with succulent pear.

Scentsy Spring Clean – Refreshing spring air and morning dew blended with orange blossom, crisp white florals, and a whisper of sheer musk.

Scentsy Wasabi Ginger – Spicy notes of wasabi blended in perfect harmony with fresh ginger.


Individual bars will be available starting July 1 for $5 (USD)/$6 (CAD).

Or grab all 20 fragrances in a bundle for $85 (USD)/$102 (CAD), available for Consultants only to order on the Workstation starting June 20. This bundle will be available for all customers on the PWS from July 1-31, 2013.

Don’t wait to place your orders; these bars and the bundle will be gone after July 31! Feel free to bookmark this page by clicking on the image that is along the top of this website (pink) and return July 1st.


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