Gold Canyon Yankee Candles


One Scentsy Warmer: $30 (one time purchase)
One Name Brand Candle: $19.99 for the 11 or 12 oz size.
One Comparable SCENTSY BAR: $5.

Traditional Wicked Candle Burn times/prices:

a 22 oz candle will burn for 110-150 hours at a cost of $24.99 = $.17/hour

a 14.5 oz candle will burn for 65-90 hours at a cost of $21.99 = $.24/hour

a 3.7 oz candle will burn for 25-40 hours at a cost of $9.99 = $.25/hour


Soy Candle Burn times/prices:

5oz. candle = $10, 40 hours – $0.25 per hour

16oz candle = $18, 130 hours -$0.13 per hour



Scentsy Warmers look so nice and don’t get covered with Soot and people don’t want to “hide” them, when traditional candles get covered in Soot people buy the lampshades/covers and sleeves to set them in, those cost a lot of money, so now your $19.99 candle is more like $45 or more because you had to cover it up…..

Don’t forget about the minimum “burn” times with traditional candles (usually about 2-3 hours or the candle will be ruined!) With Scentsy, there are no minimum “on” times. Simply turn on your warmer when you want the scent, then turn it off when you don’t, even if it’s only for 20 minutes!

With Scentsy, there is NO WORRY of leaving the house or office with a candle left burning. No SOOT, NO WICK, NO FLAME, NO WAX BUILD UP, NO NEED TO CLIP THE WICKS, and most people with allergies and asthma can use Scentsy with no problems because it is only the scent that is being released.


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Stacy Croy

Scentsy Independent Director at Scentsy -
Scentsy Independent Director since September 2009, offers you unique, affordable and safe flameless Scentsy warmers that use a low-watt bulb to melt specially formulated wax slowly, maximizing its fragrance time. Buy Scentsy without soot, fires, No Worries!

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