Host A Scentsy Party

Host A Scentsy Party

You can have fun and earn free Scentsy and discounted authentic Scentsy products when you host a Scentsy party. Earn free Scentsy products today! Scentsy candles bring friends together for a warm, inviting event. You’ll be laughing and sharing all of the great Scentsy fragrances with each other as each scent will invoke a different feeling in everyone.

Host a Scentsy Party today and earn free and discounted Scentsy products.  Join today and sell Scentsy yourself to earn money while representing a great product line.  First, you might be asking ‘What Is Scentsy?’

Scentsy Wickless Candles creates some of the finest, most memorable scents and fragrances available and they have to be experienced to be appreciated. Be sure to check out our Scentsy Warmers, Scentsy Bars, and our new Scentsy Buddy scented stuffed animal family which has a Scentsy Scent Pak inserted inside it to keep it smelling great.

Scentsy also makes travel tins which are great in your car and last a long time. My favorite scent for the car is the Leather Scentsy Travel Tin. It keeps my car smelling brand new! For the bathroom, travel tins can’t be beat, either. You can also use a Scentsy Scent Circle for your closet and these come in plenty of pleasing fragrances. For an instant fresh scent, use our room sprays.

Scentsy offers some of the best home fragrance systems in the industry.  Not only is Scentsy a spectacular value in terms of quality, but their charitable contributions make Scentsy, Inc. one of the most generous companies out there.

Scheduling Your Scentsy Party

Contact me and we will choose the best date,  time, and type of party for you to host.  As a hostess you will be given access to the Party Assistant, which is an online tool that will help you plan your party.  Everything you need to host a fabulous party will be provided.  Once you have picked your date and time make a guest list.

Invite everyone you know to attend.  The more people you invite the more rewards you are likely to receive.  Send out invitations by mail, e-mail, and through social networking sites, such as Facebook, approximately one week prior to your event.

Call to remind your guests a few days prior to the party in order to ensure maximum turn out.  Let guests who are unable to attend know that even though they will not be coming to the party they are still welcome to place an order.  After your party, we will tally the orders to determine what your hostess rewards will be.

Not local to my area?  Not a problem.You can still host a party through me.  We will make arrangements for you to receive all of the materials necessary for you to host your party and the products will ship directly to you to distribute to your guests.


Have fun while earning Host Rewards—free or half-price Scentsy Products—when you host your own Scentsy party.


Below is a list of the different Scentsy parties you can host:

Formal Party: This party would be held at your home and would include sending out formal invitations by mail, as well as e-mail, if you choose.  A 3-5 minute, formal presentation would be given to inform your guests about the products and business opportunity provided by Scentsy.

Open House: This party is a little less formal, but would also be held at your home.  You can send out formal invitations or just send invites via e-mail or social networking sites such as Facebook.  Guests would be invited to attend at their convenience during designated hours to view the catalog and available products.  There is no formal presentation, however I can be there the entire time in order to answer any questions your guests may have.

Basket/ Catalog Party: This party is great if you do not want to clean your house or find someone to watch your kids while you hold a party or open house.  I will give you a basket with catalogs and order forms as well as some sample products and testers of all of the available fragrances.  Then you take the basket with you wherever you go-work, family gatherings, social funcions, etc., or just keep it at home and tell friends about it when they come by.  Tell your family and friends about Scentsy and collect their orders.  You may keep the basket with you to collect orders for up to two weeks.

Online Party: This party is also a great option if  you don’t want to clean your house, find someone to watch your kids, or are short on time.  I will set up a special party in your name on the home page of my website.  You can then invite friends verbally, or via e-mail or social networking sites to get onto the website and purchase products from your party.  They can view products and place their orders right on the website.  Your online party can remain open for up to two weeks.

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