Scentsy January 2013 Bring Back My Bar

Scentsy January 2013 Bring Back My Bar Voting Scent List


The Sweet Scent of Democracy

It’s that time of year again — time to exercise your right to vote and let your nose be heard! It’s Bring Back My Bar time! Vote for your favorite retired Scentsy fragrances and reunite with the lush florals, juicy fruits, and spicy herbs still lingering in your memory.

Which fragrance candidate deserves your vote? Do you stand behind the Root Beer Floatplatform? Does Garden Paradise best represent your ideals? Can Clarity bring about the change you seek? Review the candidates and their descriptions, study their fragrant qualities, and vote with confidence. Choice never smelled so good!

There will be two voting periods — a primary (Oct. 1-15) and general election (Oct. 17-31) — where you’ll have an opportunity to vote 30 times per each election.

For the primary, choose your top three fragrances from a list of over 250 retired scents. The 30 scents with the most votes will proceed to the general election for another round of voting.

In the general, elect your three favorites from the remaining fragrances and help decide the final 20 scents that will be available for the month of January 2013 only.

Now, go forth and ballot for your bars, stump for your scents, and warm the vote!

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