Scentsy “trendy”candle warmers” the most trendiest fundraiser you will ever have.  Are you tired of the same old fundraisers of selling popcorn and over priced wrapping paper?  Well, I have the answer for you.  You should consider letting Scentsy take care of your fundraising goals for you!  Contact me today and let me explain all the information and tools your organization will need to have a successful Scentsy fundraiser.

Scentsy fundraisers are a wonderful opportunity to earn extra cash for your school, daycare, dance teams, gymnastics teams, sports or youth teams, boy or girl scouts, animal organizations, community groups and any organizations of any kind.  Really any organization that you can think of that could use a little extra help throughout the year. I personally donate 100% of my profits to your charity/fundraiser (25% of the product sales).


I would be more than happy to assist you in meeting your Scentsy fundraiser goals and to ensure that all your needs are met.  I know you will find that I will do everything I can to make your Scentsy fundraiser a stress free, fresh, anda Scent-sational success!!

ONLINE Easy Scentsy Fundraisers:

Facebook ONLINE Ordering: A direct link to the Scentsy Fundraiser will be added to the list of “open parties” on my home website ( and the guests would click “buy from this party” next to the fundraiser name. ALL items would ship DIRECTLY to their door which eliminates the need to distribute all of the products. I will email you a direct link as well that you can share on Facebook or through email with those that are interested.

Scentsy makes it easier to generate profits for your group! 100% of the profits go towards your fundraising needs.

Scentsy Fundraiser

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a Scentsy fundraiser?

Scentsy Candle Fundraisers offer you a nationally recognized brand that supporters of your group will trust and want to buy. We have gifts that your supporters will want to give and receive across all price ranges.

Do I have to sort Scentsy product orders?

No, Scentsy ships the customers orders directly, eliminating product distribution.

When can we run a Scentsy Fundraiser?

We have 2 selling seasons – Fall and Spring – each with it’s own unique selection of product.

1. Fall runs from September – the end of February.
2. Spring runs from March to the end of August.

How long does a Scentsy fundraiser last?

We recommend a selling period of 2 weeks – 1 month.

Can we do both a Fall/Holiday and Spring sale?

Yes. Many groups have chosen to run both a fall and spring program with Scentsy Fundraising. Because we offer two unique product lines designed for the fall and the spring, our groups find that they always sell well.

Can our customers order Scentsy products over the internet?

Scentsy realizes the importance of having online sales and have developed a state of the art web site to assist you in offering a more convenient way for your guests to shop towards your fundraiser. In state and out of state guests are now able to place an order from the comfort of their homes and will have their items ship directly to their location of choice.

What other costs are there? Shipping? Sales Tax?

There are no up front costs to run a Scentsy sale, nor will you pay for your sales materials. There is a nominal shipping charge and sales tax is based on your State Laws. We encourage you to check with your local tax agencies to determine your responsibility to your State.

Tax exempt?

Fundraisers for non-profits would not be tax exempt. The School/church/etc is not the customer- the people ordering the products are. Therefore sales tax would need to be charged. The only time sales tax would not be charged, would be if a non-profit entity was purchasing the products to use in their business and not for resale to supporters.

How long will it take for our customers to receive their Scentsy order?

Scentsy’s policy is that your order will leave the distribution center within 10 business days, however, Scentsy does try to ship items out as soon as possible.  Shipping times may be much less than 10 business days during slower times of the year (mainly summer months-June and July) and may increase up to the full 10 business days during busier times of the year (end of year holiday season) but your order should always ship within 10 business days regardless of the time of year.

So if you ordered in July and received your order in 4 days but then ordered again in December and had to wait 12 days to receive your order, that is why.This 10 business day policy is a policy, not a guarantee.  Every now and then popular items will go on back order and if that is the case you may wait a little longer to receive an item.

When items go on back order Scentsy does all in its power to expedite additional shipments of back ordered items to its distribution center to try and keep shipping times to a minimum.  If an item you ordered is on back order you will be notified via e-mail.

Do I accumulate free and half off items with a fundraiser?

No. Since all of the profits are donated back to your cause of choice, the free and half price items are void.

What forms of payment are accepted by Scentsy?

Scentsy accepts the following major credit cards; Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover. Due to the fact that all orders can be placed online, there is no need for the customer to pass on their credit card info. Customers will be directed to shop from the customized link that is setup by me, the consultant.

What does the Scentsy Fundraiser flyers look like?

Scentsy Fundraiser Flyer Fall/Winter 2012 Sample by

Looking for a fundraiser that is currently underway? Click HERE





 Looking for another NEW fundraiser idea? Something new and exciting? Your supporters will love this and YOU will love it because there is no product to sort and deliver after the sale!  What is it you ask?  Allow me to introduce you to a Sincerely Scent fundraiser!

It is SIMPLE & EASY!  You will receive all the materials needed (sample card, instructions and order forms) for each participant free of charge.  Each participant will collect the customer’s order information, contact information, (including email address) and payment.  Give this to me, your Scentsy Consultant, and YOU’RE DONE!!  That’s right! No sorting through massive amounts of product, no packaging and no deliveries!

For each 10-Card Bundle sold, your organization will receive $7!

What is Sincerely Scent and how does it work?

Sincerely Scent  offers SCENTED greeting cards for every occasion!  Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays and MORE!  An online website features over 150 original, customizable cards that are easy to design!

Customers purchase their card bundle (10 card minimum), your Scentsy Consultant enters their order and they are emailed a code and a link to the Sincerely Scent website.  Personalize each card with custom messages, add a favorite photo, a digital signature and a scent sample from the Scentsy Favorites collection!

Once the design is completed, Sincerely Scent creates the card and mails it on the date selected right to the recipient’s mailbox!  Cards can be scheduled up to 364 days in advance…no missing a birthday again!  And the best part?  No need to go to the post office because postage is INCLUDED!

Credit Bundle  U.S.A. (USD) Canada (CAD)
10 credits $28.50 $38.00
25 credits $71.00 $95.00
100 credits $285.00 $380.00




Scentsy makes Fundraising fun and EASY! Contact me to get started!


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